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Terms & Conditions

All Brittany Gilliam products are sold subject to the terms and conditions set out below.


Your order becomes binding as soon as it has been accepted by Brittany Gilliam, subject to your rights of cancellation (please see section 5). The product you order will be made in accordance with the instructions and specifications you have given us.

It is your responsibility to check all the details and aspects of your order are correct and that the goods are suitable for your requirements (including product features, measurements, dimensions, delivery and access) when we send through your order acknowledgement email.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We cannot be held liable for conditions of use or storage within the customers’ house after delivery, which may affect the product in any way.

If the product you have received is damaged or we have made a mistake with your order we will of course repair or replace it as soon as possible. Upon delivery of your product, please check it very carefully and report any problems immediately as we will not be held liable for visible defects identified after 48 hours of delivery. Please send an email and photos of  the damages to

If a refund is approved the artwork/s must be shipped and delivered to Brittany Gilliam within 16 business days of date of delivery.

Note: the customer is liable for all shipping costs associated with the return of an artwork.


Because each product is bespoke, 100% of the cost of the goods is taken when your order is placed.

All orders are totally refundable up to 24 hours after your order is placed.

​Every effort is made to ensure that prices are correct at the time of publication. If an error has been made, we or you may cancel the order subject to the terms indicated under section 5.

​We reserve the right to change prices without notice up until the time you have placed your order.


Processing time is the time it takes to prepare your order to ship. You will receive a notification via email or text message when your order ships out. Est. 2-5 business days for US orders.


Each piece of art bought from Brittany Gilliam is made as per the specifications noted on the product page. Delivery time is the time it takes for your order to arrive AFTER you receive a notification that your order has been shipped. 


If you need to amend or cancel your order for standard or bespoke products, you have the right to do so at any time up to 24 hours after you have placed your order. If you amend your order in any way more than 24 hours after you placed it, we reserve the right to charge you any costs we have incurred in relation to your order


It is your responsibility to ensure that the product you have ordered will fit into your home. It is very important that you carefully measure where the piece is going to go and also whether we can get it to the location. Please be sure to check these details in advance of placing your order.


Although we are confident that our production process produces limited edition art that is as closely matched to the original product as possible, goods may not appear the same color as shown on the website due to the nature of digital computer screens.​



Images used on this website are the property of Brittany Gilliam and must not be reproduced without expressed written permission. Any unauthorized reproduction will result in legal proceedings.

As Brittany Gilliam owns the copyright of all her images, that also includes sold original drawings or paintings. Brittany Gilliam has the right to do prints of these original sold images at any time. 

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