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black and white art painting

'overactive third eye'


In this abstract and figurative black and white art, a strong figure confidently occupies space, symbolizing a bold claim to territory. The open and enlightened third eye adds a spiritual touch, representing heightened awareness and inner strength. Together, they convey that taking up space is not just physical but also a powerful assertion of consciousness. 


Painting Title: 'Overactive Third Eye'

Painting Size: 36x36 inch stretched canvas

Materials: Ink and acrylic paints

Artist: Brittany Gilliam

Year: 2021


This is an original painting signed by Brittany Gilliam. 

Only 1 Available

  • Return Policy

    Due to the fragile nature of artwork, we do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges after purchase. 


    Visit our F.A.Q's page for additional information. 

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