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featured series | 'unfolding slowly'


"Welcome to my collection of artworks. I am an abstract figurative artist from Virginia, but based in Los Angeles. Despite lacking a formal educational background in art studies, my true education stems from the everyday fabric of life, where art reveals itself through both the subtlest of moments and grandest of occasions. 
Painting has served as a gateway of discovered healing, solace, and the ability to rise above life's challenges. It has granted my mind the freedom to wander and my body the power to create. Each artwork I produce is an immersive dive into personal experiences that have shaped my perception of what it means to be not only human, but a woman and a woman of color in today's world.

You'll find that I paint various sizes, colors and shapes as a reminder of the enduring power and timeless allure of femininity. This approach is aimed to evoke a sense of connection and resonance in the viewer (you).  I hope you find something you connect with, or don't connect with, but still initiates a thought or feeling. Thank you for reading and for being here."
- Brittany Gilliam
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