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Brittany Gilliam in her studio

featured collection | 'unfolding slowly'

Brittany Gilliam with her art

A Note From The Artist

"My name is Brittany Gilliam and I'm an abstract and figurative artist. Currently living in Los Angeles, but originally from Northern Virginia, the DMV (iykyk). While my formal education in art studies may be limited, my true learning unfolds through the tapestry of everyday life, where art reveals itself the smallest and grandest of moments. 

Painting has allowed my mind to wander and given my body permission to create. Each artwork is a deep dive into personal experiences, shaping my perspective as a woman and person of color. You'll discover a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes in my work, all made to echo the enduring power and timeless allure of femininity.


I hope you find something you connect with, or don't connect with, but still initiates a thought or feeling. Thanks for being here" - Brittany Gilliam

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